18 Impressive Blackwork Tiger Tattoos

18 Impressive Blackwork Tiger Tattoos

Tiger tattoos are usually bright and colorful but these blackwork tiger tattoos are just as impressive!
Blackwork is one of the most popular styles in tattooing at the minute, even without bright colors blackwork tattoos are bold and impressive and bring life to any design done in the style. Almost any tattoo can be done in the blackwork style and not lose any of its effect, even tiger tattoos that are usually brightly colored can rock it in black ink only!
Tiger tattoos are the classic of all big cat tattoos and are a tattoo image that will never lose its power and presence, even when it's not done with bright colors. These blackwork tiger tattoos are both beautiful and impressive and are sure to make you want some of your own blackwork body art!!
Black and Grey Tiger Tattoo by Igor Pereira
Blackwork Tiger Tattoo by Felipe Delnudo
Crawling Tiger Tattoo by Juan Manuel Piranha Sancho
Old School Blackwork Tiger Tattoo by Marina Inoue
Creative Tiger Tattoo by Marla Tattoo
Impressive Blackwork by Rich Hardy
Blackwork Tiger Tattoo by Valentin Hirsch
Dotwork Tiger Tattoo by Kamil Czapiga
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