18 Insane Toe Tattoos

18 Insane Toe Tattoos

These toe tattoos are totally insane! Take a look and enjoy!

Fun and crazy tattoo placements are nothing new but toe tattoos are certainly something else, even if they're a little awkward to put down. I mean, who really thinks about their toes as somewhere to tattoo? They're just sitting there in side your shoes and socks 99% of the time, it's easy to forget that those piggies could be decorated with some ink.  

But you know what? Toe tattoos are totally awesome! For starters, knuckle tattoos limit you to four characters a hand, with toes you have two extra characters! So, if you were dead set on having "Knife Party" tattooed somewhere, look straight down and there's your canvas.

Jokes aside, the toes are adorable little appendages just begging for some clever little tattoos. And if you're a fancy suit and tie day job type, nobody is ever going to see your toes, so you don't need to worry about having to hide your ink. 

We know that you've never considered toe tattoos before, and have probably never even imagined that it was possible to have such intricate work done on your tootsies, get ready to have your mind blown. These toe tattoos are absolutely nuts!

Dagger Toe Tattoo by Steve Walters
Hocus Pocus Toe Tattoo by Amanda Walz
Toe Tattoo by Kirky Maree Donnelly
Keep Going Toe Tattoo by Samantha Keigley
Minion Toe Tattoo by Nancy-Rose
Toe Tattoo by Grace LaMorte
Toe Tattoo by Jon Taylor
Nautical Toe Tattoo, artist unknown
unknown artist
Toe Tattoo by Cara Frankenstein
Toe Tattoo by Forevermore Tattoo
Ramble On Toe Tattoo by Rob Mopar
Tiger Toe Tattoo by Javier Eastman
Toe Tattoo by Baxtattoo
Geometric Toe Tattoo by Sam Rivers
Toe Tattoo by Minka Sicklinger
Toe Tattoo by Samuel Townsley
artist unknown
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