18 Krampus Tattoos For Naughty Kids

18 Krampus Tattoos For Naughty Kids

It's nearly Christmas... Time to wonder if you have been a good or a naughty kid to get your presents! But beware of the Krampus tattoos!
Krampus comes from the german word used for claws. This ugly and evil mythological character is part of the legend of St Nicholas, often associated with Santa Claus. This creatures, looking like a folklore Baphomet, is supposed to eat mean children... So, you better be good! Krampus parades are quite popular in some countries, as well as Krampus tattoos... Even if they are often mistaken with Devil tattoos, Krampus tattoos are not necessary evil. They can be full of humor, sexual allusions and tribute to childhood stories. In most of the designs, the creature is sticking its tongue, wearing horns and sometimes looking like a faun. They're the badass twist to Christmas tattoos, so if you aren't afraid to be a naughty kid, check these Krampus tattoos!
No Christmas for you! By Adam Hathorn.
By Alex Rusty.
"Be good" nape piece by Alexander Rusty Cairns.
Fun trad one by Alfredo Guarracino.
WIP by Anastasia Grichina.
Russian doll by El Pozo.
Ready for the Krampus parade! By Gary Gerhardt.
Great tattoo by Jamie Molin.
Can't wait to see this piece by Justin McGuire finished...
By Matt Sager.
Blackwork by Neal Panda.
Awesome tattoo inspired by an old illustration, by Nick Friederich!
Impressive knee tattoo by Peter Lagergren!
By Ross Grant.
By Sebastian Winter.
By Shane Woodward.
By Tony Torvis.
Rad hand piece by Tyler Moody!
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