18 Mighty Stag Tattoos

18 Mighty Stag Tattoos

Strong and noble these stag tattoos will show you why stags make for some mighty ink!
Stags are a strong, elegant and noble animal that has long been held in high regard by a variety of cultures. A symbol of leadership, respect, grace and strength stags are the perfect subject for an impressive tattoo. Often used in heraldry and on family/royal crests you can't beat the presence that comes with the image of a proud stag.
Stag tattoos embody the symbolism of the actual animal and put its noble status in ink. Frequently tattooed in contemporary styles like neo-traditional and geometric, stag tattoos are a mighty design for anyone after a elegant yet strong tattoo. Take a look at these awesome stag tattoos and see why this majestic animal looks great in ink and on skin!!
Stag Chest Tattoo by Pari Corbitt
Swiss Themed Stag Tattoo by Amy Victoria Savage
Abstract Stag Tattoo by Ben Volt
Tattoo by Christophe Bonardi
Stag Tattoo by Dan Molloy
Brilliant Stag Tattoo by Ien Levin
Stag Tattoo by Igor Pereira
Stag Tattoo by Anna Enola
Stag Tattoo by Javier Rivera
Stag Tattoo by John Lemon
Stunning Stag Tattoo by Kris Ciezlik
Brilliant Stag Tattoo by Lukas Zglenicki
Stag Tattoo by Matt Lambdin
Stag Tattoo by Nomi Chi
Solid Stag Tattoo by Pari Corbitt
Stag Tattoo by Samantha Smith
Linework Stag Tattoo by Susanne König
Stag Tattoo by Sven Groenvald
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