18 Salaciously Sinister Tattoos

18 Salaciously Sinister Tattoos

Come to the dark side, we've got gloriously beautiful, sinister tattoos here!
by Neil Dransfield
If trads or watercolour just ain't doing it for you then we're giving your eyes a little feast—nothing short of blackwork, dark elements, and occult-inspired tattoos. This isn't exactly a style, rather a theme. I found a few artists who do mainly “occult”-themed or sinister-looking stuff like Anrijs Straume and blackworker, Robert Borbas. Kinda like what Paul Acker did with horror colour realism tattoos.
These tattoos are basically just dark stuff, featuring esoteric elements that are often associated with evil and all that. Nonetheless, it's still an interesting theme to play with in tattoos, to deviate from the usual, cheery and generic “bad ass”themes in most tattoos.
by Mr. Dist
by Rember Orellana
All hail the vampire queen.
by Anrijs Straume
One of the most devilishly suave serial killers on TV.
by Vittorio Moustacchio
by Valentina Ryabova
I think we can all agree that clowns and puppets are already pretty sinister as they are.
by Bili Vegas
by Liz Cook
by Robert Borbas
The only doctor you'd like to chill with.
by Robert Borbas
by Anrijs Straume
The prince of darkness himself, goth rocker Marilyn Manson.
by Javier Antunez
by Aliz
by Andrzej Lipczyński of Warsaw, Poland
Glorious in neo traditional style.
by Ron Russo
by Robert Borbas
by Robert Borbas
Love blackwork and this particular theme on tattoos? Then you have to meet Robert Borbas.
by Rodney Eckenberger
And since the holidays are just around the corner, ho-ho-ho-ho?
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