2,500 People Formed The World's Longest Tattoo Chain

Litographs, an online shop made for literature buffs, teamed up with 2,500 lit-lovers to create the longest tattoo chain in the world.
Lit haven Litographs are taking their (temporary) tattoos seriously as they recently launched a Kickstarter project which involves the participation of 2,500 literature buffs in an attempt to create the longest tattoo chain in history.
Litographs is a Massachusetts-based company that sells mostly classic literature-inspired products like shirts and temporary tattoos.
How does any of this work, exactly? The idea is simple but the completion may be a bit challenging. Litographs is going to need 2,500 backers, each given a temporary tattoo of a line from the original Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to “reprint” the entire book in the form of tattoos in 2,500 individuals.
The backers who did took a hop into the rabbit hole and got themselves a line from Alice's Adventures were seen sporting their new temporary tattoos in photos that often capture the literary classic. They would decorate the pictures with elements that play along the lines of Wonderland.
Litographs compiled the photos in an online gallery which features a complete list of the people who took part in the project, making the longest (temporary) tattoo chain possible. You may see the rest of the gallery here.
Check out the Litographs Kickstarter project here.