20 Cool Stylish Henna Tattoo Designs

These girls have got some awesome modern henna tattoo designs for you to check out.

Henna is a fun and natural temporary alternative to permanent ink. This natural plant paste has been traditionally used in wedding ceremonies and festivals in the East for centuries. 

Traditional henna tattoo designs include intricate patterns, mandalas and floral work and are often placed on the hands or feet. A group of 4 Malaysian women interested in the art of Henna formed a collective called Steady Hands that offer personalized designs using their special blend homemade Henna.

The Steady Hands artists create original designs blending both traditional patterns and modern looks from tattoo art trends. They draw inspiration from the tattoo world and of course their client's imagination. Despite the limitations in color, you might be surprised what these gals can create.

The beauty of Henna tattoo designs is that you can follow the latest trends without having it be permanent on your skin. Tattoo trends are constantly changing and something that you might find cool at one point in your life, can turn into something hideous for you a few years down the line. If you like following trends and are not sure exactly what tattoo you are looking for, Henna can be a great option for a test run.

Tattooing your hands can be a huge step especially for issues with your work-life. Artists at Steady Hands use natural Henna which they say can last up to 10 days. Some other Henna products can last a maximum of 4 weeks so you can enjoy Henna tattooing knowing it will be gone in a short space of time. So have fun with it!