20 Creative Traditional Skull Tattoos

20 Creative Traditional Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoos are a classic, but these creative traditional skull tattoos give the design new life and style!
Skull tattoos are one of the true classic tattoo designs, you simply can't beat them. Some however would argue that once you've seen one traditional skull tattoo you've seen them all, and while it is true that most traditional skull designs are similar you can easily give them a creative boost and make them more unique!
One of the best qualities of a traditional skull tattoo is that it can go with pretty much anything, butterflies, scorpions, roses, women, the list is almost endless. So if you're wanting a traditional skull that's a little different and a little more expressive then take a look at these 20 creative skull tattoos and find some inspiration for your own unique skull tattoo!!
Pirate Skull Tattoo by Franz Stefanik
Scorpion Skull Tattoo by Eli Falconette
Skull Anvil Tattoo by El Bara
Biker Skull Tattoo by Dennis Gutierrez
Awesome Tattoo by Ryan Cooper Thompson
Skull Butterfly Tattoo by Josh Stephens
Skull Cross Tattoo by Walter McDonald
Skull Dagger Tattoo by Luke Jinks
Solid Tattoo by Jonas Nyberg
Creative Skull Face Tattoo by James McKenna
Great Piece Tattoo by Henry Hablak
Badass Hand Tattoos by Joe Ellis
Epic Skull Heart Tattoo by Myke Chambers
Skull Nurse Tattoo by Adam P Shrewsbury
Butterfly Skull Tattoo by Ryan Cooper Thompson
Skull Rose Tattoo by Great Lakes Tattoo
Woman Skull Tattoo by Mikael Harrstedt
Brilliant Work by Kim-Anh Nguyen
Skull Scorpion Tattoo by James Matthews
Skull Rose Tattoo by Mimi Wunsch
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