20 Flawless Brush Stroke Style Tattoos

Paint these gorgeous brush stroke style tattoos flawlessly with ink and blood on living, breathing canvases.
Becky Tee/Go Mighty
The brush stroke style tattoo has been around for a while now but isn't really given much attention because at first glance, it's very similar to blackwork and people often opt for the free-flowing feel and toned down palette of watercolour tattoos. But brush stroke tattoos also possess the well-loved ‘traditional art’ vibe of watercolour tattoos.
Most brush stroke tattoos possess characteristics of sumi writings. There's often the distinct ink blot and gap in heavy, black strokes which pretty much sums up brush stroke style tattoos.
by Juan Carlos
by Amanda Wachob
Even random brush strokes like the one above still looks pretty
Brush stroke arm bands by MPATSHI
Giving the standard arm band tattoo an artistic twist.
Japanese Enso by Amor Fati
The Enso can be seen in many brush stroke tattoos mainly because it's designed that way, in sumi. The symbol stands for the Zen Buddhist, symbolising the universe, nothingness, and enlightenment.
Sumi-inspired tattoo, by Aviv.
New Tattoo – China
One of my personal favourite brush stroke tattooists is the Instagram user, Beijing-based newtattoo. His/her works are tattooed on the skin as if it's ink on paper. The flow and absoluteness is incredible.
by Russell Van Schaick
Choose your own palette!
Tattoo Temple Hong Kong
by Amanda Wachob
Go for smooth, intersecting lines if blots don't appeal to you.
by Amanda Wachob
With these tattoos, you're always going to look like you're working on your next big project.
Sumi dragon tattoo, artist unknown.
by Joey Pang
by Joey Pang
This Is Tattoo/Blog
A beautiful Enso tattoo done right in smooth, brush stroke style.
by Russell Van Schaick
Wearing your fandom loud and proud!
by Amanda Wachob
Buena Vista Tattoo Club
Personal favourite. You gotta give it to the guys at Buena Vista Tattoo Club for doing a splendid job on this one as usual.
by Joey Pang
by Amanda Wachob
by Julia Rehme
Again, the brush stroke style isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea. It could be just a set of random lines to somebody but if you appreciate it just as much as we do, cheers to you!