20 Killer Lettering Tattoos By Big Meas

20 Killer Lettering Tattoos By Big Meas

Tattoos By Big Meas are some of the most impressive lettering designs out there and we're bringing you 20 of his best!
Justin Wilson aka Big Meas is one of the best lettering tattoo artists in the world and an amazing artist in general. With a background in graffiti Big Meas has created an incredible style of his own with impressive composition and beautiful flow, if you're wanting a backpiece of script then this guy is your man!! Tattooing from Distinction Tattoo, Ohio, Big Meas has earned a reputation for producing stunning lettering tattoos that have a bold yet elegant look.
Big Meas In Action!
Talents like Big Meas are once in a lifetime so be sure to appreciate his amazing work while you can, remember to show him some love on Instagram and for more information hit up his personal website!! Right now though enjoy 20 of Big Meas' best lettering tattoos!
'Dark Passenger'
'Death Is The Final Sleep'
'Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story'
'Felix Marshall'
'Hand Crafted'
Killer Head Piece!
In Progress by Big Meas
Live Life On The Edge
'Lost Soul'
Loyalty Til Death
'Not A Saint'
'Passion Sacrifice'
'Pura Vida'
'Weak And Powerless'
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