20 Lord Of The Rings Tattoos That Are Too Precious

20 Lord Of The Rings Tattoos That Are Too Precious

These Lord of the Rings tattoos are definitely and positively... MY PRECIOUSSS!
This one's too precious too.
If there's any film that's just as massive as Harry Potter after Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings must be it. It even has its own language, for f's sake. While comparison can't really be said between the films mentioned, each stole the hearts of fans in their own ways. What may have drawn fans to Middle-earth is the particular sense of adventure LOTR has to offer. It didn't disappoint either with the latest instalment, The Hobbit.
It's not only the movie though, people loved the literary series first and lived through all the lives of the ring's heirs. Now, let's check out the LOTR fan tattoos that will make us scream out, “My preciousss...” just like Gollum or (*sniff*) Sméagol.
by Paul Davies
by Alyx Wilson
by Dino Nemec
by Andrew Marsh
by Branden Gelineau
by black-3G-raven/DeviantArt
by Gooney Tunes
by Jody Dawber
Done at Pyramid Arts Tattoo
by Tony Silva
by jamescaffynart/Instagram
by ngxxx
Done at MH Tattoo
by dustyrosetattooer/Instagram
by Tyler Morriss
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