20 Modern Medical Tattoos

20 Modern Medical Tattoos

Medical tattoos have increased their popularity, especially medic alert tattoos that are used as replacement of alert bracelets.
More and more tattoo enthusiasts decide for getting a medical tattoo, or even a medical alert tattoo which can be helpful to the ones who have a disease such as diabetes or allergy. Medical tattoos usually represent appreciation to medical careers or display the beauty of the human body with all of its parts; whether it's the brain, the heart or some other organ or simply the skin deep flesh and bones.
People who like to wear their heart on their skin:
Strong heart tattoo, Photo: @raisedbyvideogames
Very realistic heart tattoo, Photo: @felipeacassio
Owl grabbing the heart, Photo: @kostadorikatattoo
Colorful and medical at the same time, Photo: @juri_tattoolifestyle
Something for the brainiacs: 
"Please brain stay sick" Photo: @marianne_voncrow666
Zombie girl eating brains, Photo: @stencilstuff
Nice blackwork brain tattoo, Photo: @chinatown_stropky
Medical tattoo "I just wanna be more than a memory" Photo: @joicewangtattoos
Replacement of the brain, Photo: @deathstar_tatts
Artsy touch to the brain tattoo idea, Photo: @the_tattoo_enthusiast
Medical tattoos from flesh to bone:
Serious medical tattoo of a medical student.. Photo: @casimedicos
Skeleton hand, Photo: @mylove_myhustle
Amazing! Photo: @_world_wide_tattoos_
Medical tools in ink:
Nice paramedic glove, huh? Photo: @paraparaparamedic
"Because nurses have balls too" Photo: @blkndrose
Tools for trade, Photo: @jahoctopus
Medical alert you might want on your skin:
Medical alert for diabetes! Photo: @kristas.beat
Medic alert! Photo: @briskeart
Medical tattoo alert, Photo: @momagztattooz
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