20 Patriotic Captain America Tattoos

20 Patriotic Captain America Tattoos

The ultimate super-soldier makes for some patriotic ink, so enjoy these Captain America tattoos and feel the comic vibes!
Appearing for the first time in 1941 Captain America has become an iconic comicbook hero and fan favorite of many. Steve Rodgers was a small and frail young man but after some intense experimentation became an enhanced patriotic super-soldier and an individual at the peak of human perfection. After battling the enemy in WWII Captain America found himself trapped in ice and suspended in time, but due to the nature of his existence he survived to the present day where he was defrosted and continues his heroic deeds.
Although somewhat out of touch with modern times after sixty-years under ice Captain America is a greatly respected hero and longtime leader of The Avengers. The pinnacle of patriotism and American pride Captain America makes for some truly red, white and blue tattoos! Take a look at these 20 Captain America tattoos and feel the love for a true comicbook icon in ink!!
Abstract Captain America Tattoo by Matt King
Captain America Tattoo by Aaron Belcher
Brilliant Piece by Audie Fulfer jr.
Traditional Style Captain America by Blake Chambers
Captain America Tattoo by Calvin Von Crush
Comic Inspired Tattoo by Chris 51
Cool Captain America Tattoo by Chris Hatch
Great Tattoo by Chris Hatch
Captain America Tattoo by Evan Olin
Classic Traditional Style by Goony Toons
Lego Captain America by Jordan Baker
Outstanding Tattoo by Jeff Plunkett
Captain America Tattoo by Jo di
Awesome Tattoo by Jordan Baker
Captain America Tattoo by Lehel Chaos
Cross Stitch Captain America Tattoo by Eva Krbdk
Solid Tattoo by Matthew Davidson
Fantastic Captain America Tattoo by Rafał Jędrychowski
Captain America Tattoo by Roman Abrego
Killer Tattoo by Tuan Le
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