20 Striking Tattoos By Sa Jin

20 Striking Tattoos By Sa Jin

Tattoo artist Sa Jin creates bold and unique tattoos that bring together a number of different styles!
Korean based tattoo artist Sa Jin is an artist who lives for bold tattoos. Combining elements of traditional and neo-traditional tattoos with classic Japanese imagery and style his tattoos are quite the pieces. Distinctive and bold tattoos all share a dark look with bright highlights and edging, jumping of the skin the tattoos of Sa Jin have great character and amazing depth.
From foo dogs to panthers, gorillas to engines Sa Jin tattoos it and does so with a unique hand that creates awesome body art with one shared attribute, intensity! Be sure to follow the amazing tattoo artist on Instagram to see more brilliant tattoos by this amazing talent, but for the moment enjoy these 20 tattoos by a bold tattoo master! Enjoy!
Chinese Lion Tattoo
Dragon Tattoo by Sa Jin
Deer Tattoo
Engine Tattoo
Foo Dog Tattoo by Sa Jin
Dragon Tattoo
Gorilla Tattoo
Hammerhead Shark Tattoo
Hannya Tattoo by Sa Jin
Hell Dog Tattoo
Japanese Tattoo
Monkey Tattoo
Namakubi Tattoo
Neko Tattoo
Okinawa Lion Tattoo
Panda Tattoo
Panther Tattoo
Bold tattoo
Tiger Hand Tattoo
Tiger Tattoo
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