21 Wicked Enchanting Maleficent Tattoos

21 Wicked Enchanting Maleficent Tattoos

Get wicked with these gorgeous Maleficent tattoos, celebrating the villain-turned-hero-in-a-major-Disney-plot-twist of Sleeping Beauty.
by Dean Lawton
You all thought you knew the story. Any evil spell is broken with true love's kiss and they lived happily ever after. Well, not quite. In 2014, Disney turned the tables once again on one of the most well-loved classics and brought us Maleficent. The true intent behind the evil fairy's actions were never revealed and it was always something to wonder about if we weren't just too busy sighing contentedly at Prince Charming, sweeping Princess Aurora off her feet from a hundred years of slumber. Ah, yes.
The Maleficent film has to be one of the biggest plot twists in Disney movies in 2014. And they certainly made no mistake of casting Angelina Jolie for the challenging role. It gave us, the audience a new perspective on not just Sleeping Beauty but other classic fairy tales as well. Now, if we could just get a back story from Snow White's evil bitch queen, all will be good.
Artist unknown.
by Matt Webb
The classic Maleficent from the original Sleeping Beauty Disney movie. 1959, baby!
Artist unknown.
Artist unknown.
Green is the color in which evil glows.
by Igor Pereira
by Tvia-Dark/DeviantArt
by Philip Yarnell
Philip Yarnell nailed it with his signature crisp blackwork.
by Rich Pineda
by Murilo Oliveira
Razor-sharp cheekbones on fleek.
by Gari Henederson
by Anrijs Straume
Anrijs Straume at it again with his unique brand of Dark Trash Realism.
Black Eye Tattoo
Whoa! Check out this Maleficent finger tattoo!
Amulet Tattoo
Drop dead gorgeous neo trads.
Artist unknown.
by Chad Lenjer
Maleficent in full colour and ready to raze with full rage.
by James Mullin
by Bicem Sinek
Dark and daring in dotwork.
by Chris Block
Artist unknown.
This fan got herself a minimalist Maleficent tattoo design.
by Dane Grannon
Stay wicked.