23 Kickass Star Wars Tattoos Hyped Fans Got This Year!

Before the year ends, let's check out these kickass Star Wars tattoos fans got this year in time for Star Wars: The Force Awakens!
Photo by @jikavisual/Instagram
Unless you've been living under a rock somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, then you most probably have heard of the new Star Wars movie (after so long...) which pretty much broke the internet this month. Not only did fights and divorces broke out over spoilers and the intense unravelling of this long-awaited film but it also triggered outbursts of utter love and passion from the fandom. Here are some of the fans who recently got themselves some more ink dedicated to Star Wars to pledge their allegiance.
Darth Vader Rorshach ink blot, by Koray Koragozler
Star Wars Tattoo by Brandon David
by Erin Odea
by Benji Harris
Star Wars Tattoo by Andrés Acosta
There's more lovely roses with a twist by Andrés Acosta here.
by Vic Vivid
by Ad Pancho
by Chad Jacob
by Junior Tattoo
Star Wars Tattoo by Jamie Taaffe
by Adrian Gruszczyński
by Ben Johnson
by Karl Johnston
by Brock Ryan
Star Wars Tattoo by Rud de Luca
by Amy Lynn Colton
by Tyler Moody
by Pablo of Double Cross Tattoo
by Ralph WZL
by rodferod
by Zakk Hopeless
by Chris Toler
Kylo Reno was some hot stuff, wasn't he?
by Aaron Raw
But after all... Chewie, we're home.