25 Kickass Venom Tattoos

25 Kickass Venom Tattoos

Let's all root for the anti-hero this time as we all sit back and get stumped by these surreal Venom tattoos! So, what do you say, Spidey?
by Derek Turcotte
As much as we love superheroes, there's no denying how kickass anti-heroes like Venom still manage to steal our hearts in the end. Spiderman never really was my favourite Marvel character but I can't help but stay for the maniac in black and poison.
Venom may be the product of an evil alien symbiote, but it's the host—Eddie Brock—who puts it into character as the cunning, insatiable arachnid with an intense bloodlust for chaos. Check out these tattoos that perfectly captured the sinister glint of Venom.
by Kevin Dixon
by Leon Rice
Jackpot Tattoo
by Jimmy Kinslow
by Tony Sklepic
by Miks Tattoo
by Josh Bodwell
by andespade/Instagram
by Joe Casal
by Bryan Merck
by Clayton Dias
by Cody Darling
by Derek Turcotte
by Dominik Borkowski
by Marcelo Shin
by Nikko Hurtado
by Uncl Paul Knows
by Monte Livingston
by George Mavridis
by Steve Butcher
by Steve Wimmer
by Russell Van Schaick
by Troy Slack
by Tony Sklepic
Not a Venom fan? How about The Joker—everybody loves the freaking Joker!