25 Rad Pop Culture Tattoos By Gooney Toons

25 Rad Pop Culture Tattoos By Gooney Toons

Looking for an artist who can do a banging job on a tattoo of your favorite TV show or your first choice starter Pokémon? Call Gooney Toons!
Walter White of Breaking Bad
If you like pop culture and traditional American style tattoos, then you've got to meet Gooney Toons. If you're looking to get a tattoo of your favorite TV character or something like that in bold traditional American style and you live somewhere in New South Wales, you're in luck. That's because one of the finest pop culture tattoo artist, Gooney Toons lives on your side of the world.
Captain America and Agent Peggy Carter
Gooney began tattooing in 2008. At the time, he was offered a chance to apprentice under Shannon Richmond, owner of STR Tattoo and Art Studio in Wyong, NSW, Australia. He hasn't left the tattoo shop and made a name for himself there since.
He works best doing solid, bright, and bold traditional American style tattoos. He's also not too picky with tattoo requests but since developing the reputation of a pop culture tattooer, Gooney now enjoys working on projects he really like from clients who go to him for gamer, movie, TV, etc sort of tattoos.
Tina Belcher of Bob's Burgers
“I get the most enjoyment out of doing tattoos that are pop culture-related,” he wrote on his website.
Classic Mickey Mouse
Bela Lugosi in Dracula
Snorlax of Pokémon and Luigi of the Super Mario franchise
Spock of Star Trek
The Simpsons x Krusty the Clown
Homer Simpson and Zoidberg
My Little Pony x Deadpool
It's Archie and friends!
Maleficent in all her wicked glory.
Poison Ivy portrait
Tentacool from Pokémon, most badass creature with no spine.
Angelica and her doll Cynthia, Rugrats.
I swear I would die for a good Tamagotchi when I was a kid.
Meowth, the notorious talking cat of Pokémon drawn as a maneki-neko.
Legolas of LOTR series
Did anybody recognize this from Toy Story?
Legend of Zelda heart dagger
Eevee of Pokémon
Gambit, the cards master of X-Men
It's Back to the Future, baby!
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