25 Radical Activists Tattoos

25 Radical Activists Tattoos

If you are passionate about a movement, political, religious or even environmental issue would you ink an activists tattoo?
Tattoos can have a lot of personal meaning behind them and often tell you a lot about a person. When it comes to sharing your beliefs and passions, tattoos can be a very strong way of expressing your dedication to a cause. It could be immortalizing a visionary you admire who has made a mark in history for their contribution to a better world, or someone who stood up in the face of adversity to supporting animal rights and liberation.
While some of you might think this a foolish idea knowing that opinions and beliefs can change as the years go by, these people felt passionate enough to show their support of what they stand for in the present. I think it goes without saying if you are thinking of having a tattoo that represents one of your personal beliefs or a cause you support, think hard before you go ahead and get inked. But everyone has the right to freedom of speech, don’t they?
VISIONARIES AND REVOLUTION: Some of history's most important figures are icons of change and revolution. These tattoos honor just a few of these incredible individuals who have inspired generations with their actions. Whether you agree with their politics or not there is no denying these powerful figures are immortalized in history forever.
Awesome detailed realism portrait of Nelson Mandela anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician and philanthropist
Contemporary trash-polka style tattoo of Gandhi who fought peacefully for civil rights in India by Aggy's Ink Tattoo
High definition realism in this black and grey Che Guevara tattoo
Inspirational classic quote from Martin Luther King Jr. tattoo from JR Verger
The realism in this Martin Luther King Jr. tattoo is mesmerizing
This Gandhi hand tattoo is incredibly real looking
The classic Che Guevara pose with a splash of bloody color
ANIMAL RIGHTS AND LIBERATION: Passionate vegetarians and vegans show their support for their animal friends with some unique looking colorful tattoos
This vegetarian shows her support for animal rights with a "friends not food" Neo-traditional tattoo
Fun and cute Tofu tattoo
Old school style animal liberation tattoo by KC Lang
This neo-traditional Veganism tattoo reminds me of the animal uprising against the humans in George Orwell's Animal Farm. Tattoo by Adam Isaac Jackson
Stunning realism with the cow on the left. This vegan shows her dedication with a bold text tattoo under her chin
This tattoo has a dystopian feel with the title "speciesism" executed in a traditional style
FEMINISM: Still a huge social issue... equality between genders still sparks raging controversy across the globe.
Black and grey version of the iconic "We can Do It" female worker from a 1943 wartime propaganda poster. "Rosie the Riveter" has become a symbol of feminism.
This feminist tattoo speaks out against a male dominated society by Lou Harper
An outline begun for a "Grrrrl power" tattoo featuring a female worker holding a hammer
A colorful skeleton version of "Rosie the Riveter" from Sharp Tattoos
ENVIRONMENTALIST: For those who love Mother Earth and all that is nature our planet is still suffering greatly from the mistakes of humankind.
This stunning color backpiece by Den Yakolev is a beautiful depiction of Mother nature and the Universe
ATHEISM: Apparently Atheist tattoos are a thing too. Whether they are outright declarations or more covert hidden messages or symbols. The common symbol being an atom and a capital A denoting the belief in science and evolutionary theory rather than the Biblical explanation of human existence.
No hidden symbols here. A self-labelled atheist using the "Buddy Christ" figure from the Jay and Silent Bob movie Dogma.
Can you see the hidden message from this Atheist?
The official Atheist symbol of the atom and capital A
Comic style homage to Darwin and the theory of Evolution
Full sleeve dedicated to some of the famous known atheists and scientists who challenged theories of our origins and existence tattoo by Jackie Rabbit
The Atheist "A" and DNA strand a more covert symbol of Atheism
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