27 Naruto Tattoos To Literally Die For

Go full hokage mode with these rad Naruto tattoos! What's your clan, kid?
Naruto is kind of a big deal in anyway and have been in the past decade. Like most succesful animés, Naruto started out in Shonen Jump. Not long after it was turned into an animé in Japan, Western fans caught up and followed the story of a young, blond ninja-in-training and his dysfunctional friendship with a spunky, pink-haired girl, and an emo boy. Pretty much.
Although Naruto was never really my favourite animé growing up, I picked up a thing or two from the people I used to hang out with who either thought they were part of the hokage or something. I was too hooked into Fullmetal Alchemist then. Nevertheless, Naruto is still regarded as one of the best animé in the past decade. The same reason why they've acquired a strong fanbase through the years. Nothing less, judging by these amazing Naruto tattoos!
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