5 Raddest Pop Culture Tattoo Artists Right Now

5 Raddest Pop Culture Tattoo Artists Right Now

We've got five of the best guys to do a banging job on that pop culture piece for you!
Nicole Cairns/Instagram
Nicole Cairns is a 22-year-old tattoo artist in Scotland with a portfolio lined with tasteful Disney pieces, often with her own spin. She enjoys working and experimenting in neo traditional style.
Alive in Wonderland
Baymax – Big Hero 6
DC x Marvel comic characters
Ninetails – Pokémon
Nicole tattoos at Set Sail Tattoo Studio in Irvine, Scotland.
Darth Vader/various Super Mario character
Troy Slack's work always look as if they're ready to jump right out of the skin. Nothing short of colour, action, and a whole lot of pop culture.
Vegeta – Dragon Ball Z
Thor and Loki
Disney's Up
Where's Waldo?
Troy tattoos at Frontyard Tattoo in Mt, Barker, South Australia.
Goku (Super Saiyan) – Dragon Ball Z
Multi award-winning tattoo artist Jordan Baker is the man for you if you're looking for action, intensity, or good execution. We've seen him kill it in realism, neo trads, and insane custom pieces.
Metal Gear
Boba Fett – Star Wars
Freddie Krueger
For more Freddy pieces, read more here.
Star Wars film reel
Jordan tattoos at Skin Kitchen in Kent, UK.
Heisenberg – Breaking Bad
I think we've introduced you to Mr. Gooney Toons before, the man you shouldn't think twice of hitting up if you live somewhere around New South Wales. Check the rest of his works here.
It's a bird... No, it's a plane...
Homer Simpson vs. Ned Flanders – The Simpsons
Various flash art
Gooney tattoos at STR Tattoo and Art Studio in Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia,
Star Wars x Pokémon
If crossovers and 2D stuff are more your thing, then you're in luck if you live around Bournemouth, UK. Tom does a lot of cartoon and animé pieces—we featured three of his works in a One Piece post a few weeks back.
Batman x The Simpsons
Wizard of Oz
Care Bears x Marvel's Deadpool
Chopper – One Piece
Tom owns and tattoos at The Rising Tide in Bournemouth, UK.
Link – Legend of Zelda
Self-proclaimed nerd tattooist-slash-Jedi master Josh Bodwell enjoys working on colorful portraits of his clients' favourite heroes and villains in realism. Josh is also a Lucasfilms licensed tattooist at Star Wars Celebration events, as stated in his bio.
Darth Maul – Star Wars
DC's Poison Ivy
Back to the Future
Doctor Who
Josh is based in Tannersville, PA.