7 Crazy, Funny & Awesome Toilet Bowl Tattoos

The toilet is truly comforting. But let us know if you feel comfortable about these crazy, funny and awesome toilet bowl Tattoos.
Tattoo artist: Joel Rocafort
Our friend, Sammy, from the Philippines, won 1st place in the Facial tattoo category from 2011's Dutdutan Tattoo convention.
Toilet tattoo. Tattoo artist unknown.
The Toilet comforts us no matter what. It takes all the shit we dump, listens to our thoughts, and gives us the peace and quiet we need from the world's daily stresses. Cool neo traditional rendition of the Toilet bowl.
Seriously, what would the world be without toilet bowls?!
This beautiful rendition of the Toilet bowl, with a rose and all, gives the toilet bowl tattoo justice!
Image credit: BMEzine.com
Gruesome Freddy Krueger-inspired toilet bowl tattoo!
Even cupcakes need private time.
Do it to me baby.
Call it crazy, ridiculous, disgusting or awesome. People tattoo themselves at their own expense. We are only left to appreciate and take it with no choice, just like the toilet bowl.