7 Sew Lovely Needle & Thread Tattoos

7 Sew Lovely Needle & Thread Tattoos

Here are 7 Sew Lovely Needle & Thread Tattoos to get in memory of mom, grandma or for the love of fashion!
To start this off, here's a simple & lovely needle & thread tattoo by Joel Rich in Vancouver.
The needle & thread tattoo makes a lovely & heartwarming memorial tattoo dedicated to the women of our lives.
Remember how our mothers used to mend our clothes, bags and other stuff out of love? <3
Yup, that's what i'm talking about. This pretty needle & thread tattoo is simple yet lovely.
Check out these black & bold tattoos by Ben Volt. The scissors are in honor of the wearer's Barber Father, and the needle & thread tattoo in honor of his mom.
Beautiful old school rendition, placement and colors! Tattoo artist unknown. Please let us know if you do!
Isn't it amazing how all millions of clothes that are being produced & those that we are wearing start off as a fine & simple thread?
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