8 Awesome Bat Head Tattoos

These 8 Bat Head Tattoos are really solid and off the hook!
Aside from tigers, panthers and wolves, bat head tattoos are getting really popular as a tattoo, nowadays. Some are really simple yet look really solid and bold. Others go for more detailed and illustrative takes on their tattooing.
Here are some solid looking bat head tattoos:
Funky but solid looking bat tattoo
Bat tattoo by Luke Jinks
Tattoo by John Montalvo
Traditional Bat tattoo, lovin' the bold lines and black on this tattoo.
Tattoo by Matt Cooley
Tattoo by Angelo Parente
Crazy looking knee bat tattoo
Tattoo by David Armacost
These bat tattoos are just some of the awesome ideas out there. They make really good tattoo subjects, especially if you know the artist to do yours!
Thanks for checking out these bat tattoo ideas, always look out for more awesome tattoo related stuff in the Tattoodo blog! PEACE OUT!