8 Great Bb-8 Tattoos

8 Great Bb-8 Tattoos

These 8 great BB-8 tattoos are really awesome to collect, especially for Star Wars fans out there!
After the Episode 7 came out a week ago, there was already a huge wave of tattoo collectors getting ready to celebrate the Force by getting some Ep.7 tattoos. Most common and awesome, of course, are BB-8 tattoos! Here are 8 great BB-8 tattoos:
Cool BB-8 tattoo idea
Tattoo by @tyler480
Tattoo by @tattoosbynickp
Tattoo by Tattoos by Fred
Cool traditional BB8 tattoo by Amanda Hoffman
Tattoo by Keely Rutherford
BB-8 tattoo by @christinestattoo_art
Episode 7 was awesome and if you love Star Wars and haven't seen it yet, better make it happen! Always check out the Tattoodo blog for more awesome tattoo related stuff! May the Force be with you!
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