8 Sharp Broken Glass Tattoos

8 Sharp Broken Glass Tattoos

Nothing breaks the ice between tattoo lovers more than sharp broken glass tattoos! Check those creative pieces!
By Aaron Beaudette.
Broken glass tattoos are giving a great twist to realistic and fantasy portrait tattoos... They put the horror and mystery touch to charming female faces and gives dynamism to a lot of designs. It is a creative way to frame a great tattoo and turn it into something of another level! But beware, these broken glass tattoos could cut your budget!
Ouch! 3D tattoo by James Lemons.
Creative sleeve by Krol.
Freaky sleeve by Marcin Sonski!
Start of a sleeve by Nikko Hurtado.
Dark art by Piotr Cwiek.
Sam Barber does cool broken glass tattoos.
Another rad tattoo by Sam Barber...
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