8 Solid Severed Hand Tattoos

8 Solid Severed Hand Tattoos

Severed hand tattoos are really awesome looking and make for some awesome tattoo additions to those who collect tattoos of the sort.
Severed hand tattoos are a bit brutal looking. But with the right concept and execution, severed hand tattoos may be one of the real awesome ones that you're gonna have on your skin (if you are into these type of tattoos). Here are 8 solid severed hand tattoos:
Tattoo by Tad Peyton
FOREVER. Awesome looking severed hand tattoo.
Severed zombie praying hands.
Cool detail work on this tattoo.
Severed hand with key going through.
Luke Skywalker severed hand. Cool idea and solid execution!
Simple yet solid, cool idea too.
Thanks for checking out this post! Hope you guys had a good time looking at these severed hand tattoos! Always remember to pull some inspiration from the Tattoodo blog, but please respect the artists and tattooers! PEACE OUT!
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