8 Sparkly & Magical Amethyst Crystal Tattoos

8 Sparkly & Magical Amethyst Crystal Tattoos

Here are 8 Sparkly & Magical Amethyst Crystal tattoos to adorn your skin & bring you luck & protection for the rest of your life!
Believe it or not, crystals possess healing powers & other metaphysical properties due to the energy build-up it took for the earth to produce crystals beneath its crusts.
Unknown Artist
An Amethyst crystal particularly balances out our emotions, promotes peace & gently dissolves emotional blocks.
Beautiful Amethyst Crystal dotwork Tattoo by Mariya (Russia)
In addition, Amethyst dispels fear, anxiety & alleviates sadness or grief. It helps us adjust to any loss we have suffered. It makes for beautiful jewelry too!
Lovely Amethyst Crystal pendant by @London Reese, Vatican Studios (Lake Forest, CA)
During the Ancient times, the Greeks & Romans believed that the Amethyst can ward off the intoxicating powers of Bacchus, the God of Wine. It helps the wearer sober up & keeps the mind clear & quick-witted.
Unknown Artist
Cute detailed small piece Amethyst Crystal Tattoo by Adam Hoopes, Prophecy Tattoo.
The Amethyst is the birth stone for those who were born in the month of February.
Amethyst Crystal Tattoo by Pete, Electric Ladyland Tattoo.
It is the stone of Royalty & Power, and palaces were adorned with amethysts all over.
Delightful Amethyst Crystal Tattoo by @Ninmessara
Amethyst with the deepest shades of purple are the most sought after. Lovin' the rich purples of this Amethyst Crystal Tattoo by Charlie Bear, Instant Classic Tattoo
Here are samples of cut & polished natural Amethyst crystals. Aren't they stunning?
Love crystals? Share with us your collection or tattoos! Have a magical day, everyone!
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