8 Spunky Boot Tattoos

8 Spunky Boot Tattoos

Are you a boot type of a person? If yes, then you'll love these spunky boot Tattoos!
Check out this cool Toy Story movie-inspired traditional tattoo of Woody the Cowboy boots! Tattoo artist unknown. Please let us know if you do!
Love this bio-organic approach by Nick Baxter.
Boots are one of the best types of shoes ever invented. It shall protect our feet and last us for decades!
Colorful, bright and bold neo traditional cowboy boot.
Tattoo by Mark Duhan.
Up until the Industrial age, boots were handmade for different purposes and styles. This brown leather boot seems really comfortable for daily work routines!
Cowboy boots tattoo
Cowboy boots are especially used for riding and were historically worn by cowboys. It features cuban heels, a high shaft, usually made of cowhide leather (sometimes other exotic skins such as crocodile, buffalo etc) with no lacing. Riding boots such as these have been part of equestrian life for centuries!
Combat boots tattoo
There's also the Combat boots - a type of lace-up hardened waterproof leather boots typically worn by soldiers during combat or training. It is designed to provide ankle stability, grip and protection in rugged environments.
Boots are classic shoes worth wearing (and tattooing!) Spunky boot tattoo done at Black13 Tattoo.
It can also serve as a memorable tattoo in honor of a loved one. This boot tattoo is sweet with lovely roses and all!