Actor Adrian Grenier Gets A ”Neck Tattoo“ For A Cause

Actor and active environmentalist, Adrian Grenier
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Actor and active environmentalist, Adrian Grenier may have been off the limelight for quite some time know but only because he's been busy saving the planet. Not entirely but the actor is currently promoting his new non-profit organization, The Lonely Whale Foundation at Art Basel in Miami last week.
The Lonely Whale Foundation is dedicated to an enigmatic whale nicknamed the “52-hertz whale.” It all started in 1989 when SOSUS picked up some strange signals. They were identified as whale sounds but what baffled experts was the unusual frequency of this supposed whale sound. Whales often sing at a frequency of 10 to 40Hz but this one sang at a recorded 52Hz, a rate fellow whales won't usually be able to detect. The last known recording of the 52-hertz whale was in 2004. It's unknown if 52-hertz is still roaming the Pacific in search of a mate. For that, it's described as the loneliest whale in the world.
Adam Grenier/Instagram
The Lonely Whale Foundation launch and art show event was a success, raising $165,000 that will fund the whale study and the development of a virtual reality experience that will help raise awareness educate people about the oceans.
To commemorate the event, Grenier got himself a little souvenir. The 39-year old actor and environmentalist showed off his “neck tattoo” featuring ‘the loneliest whale in the world’ on Instagram with the caption, “I'm committed to ocean conservation.”
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Grenier's production company Reckless also co-produced a documentary about 52-hertz with Alldayeveryday.
“The Lonely Whale is not only a real animal, swimming in the pacific, looking for companionship but a symbol of our lack of ocean awareness, and how that disconnect is affecting these beautiful life forms,” the actor wrote on the fundraising page.
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You may check out The Lonely Whale here.