Actress Jaime King Has Got The Dr. Woo Tattoo Fever!

Seems like the actress and mother of two is joining the list of LA-based tattoo artist, Dr. Woo's celebrity fans and friends!
Jaime King/Instagram
If you've been following actress Jaime King on Instagram then you might have stumbled across a couple posts where she gushes about renowned, contemporary tattoo artist, Dr. Woo. She's not the only one. Celebrities like Ellie Goulding and Kelly Clarkson have also been turning to Woo for his well-loved, single needle tattooing.
The actress had nothing but praises for the tattoo artist as she captioned a picture of his most recent tattoo session with her, “Just getting down with my brother @dr_woo_ssc - arguably one of the best artists of our time.”
Jaime King/Instagram
One of the two other tattoos Dr. Woo had done on Jaime in the past were lyrics from Jsu Garcia's song, ‘The Master Calls’.
Jaime King/Instagram
The other is a praying hands over a sword on the actress's left forearm. “Praying hands because we prayed for years to conceive a child [and] the stars mean that he came from the heavens blessing us with a miracle,” the actress shared.
“I wanted a sword for every Knight had their special one [and] to represent ‘the sword of truth,’ which I believe means to live authenticity, cut through any illusions — to be a spiritual warrior,” she explained further. “It says Knight in the blade. There is a heart at the helm representing the loving trinity of myself, my husband [and] child.”
Jaime King/Instagram
The actress's most recent Dr. Woo tattoo is a delicate rose on her right forearm which is supposed to be dedicated to her “babies”—baby Theo and James.
Kyle Newman/Instagram
Jamie King may now add “cool, tattooed mother” to her descriptions in addition to being a model and actress.