Adele Talks About Her “Matching Tattoos” With Lana Del Rey

Adele Talks About Her “Matching Tattoos” With Lana Del Rey

The “Hello” singer finally reveals what her hand tattoo—which look a lot like fellow singer, Lana del Rey's—is all about.
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The chart-topping, “Hello” singer have had her ‘Paradise’ hand tattoo for a couple years now and if it weren't for the same placement as fellow singer, Lana del Rey's exact tattoo it wouldn't cause quite a stir.
The 27-year-old got the tattoo done by celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang in mid-2013. Her previous, “A” tattoo was a clear giveaway that it stood for Angelo, her son's name. But this one's something to think about.
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How could they not, even I would think that the tattoos of the two singers can not be purely coincidental. We almost asked for a collab between the two performers!
However, Adele cleared any speculations there may have been about her tattoo in a recent interview. “My son Angelo is the love of my life and the light of my life, but my son is no one else's apart from me and his dad. So no one else can really relate to that. Also, not all my fans are parents, so they wouldn't want to hear from that,” she stated.
But seriously, though, we're just too stoked to be hearing the rest of her new record! This is Tattoodo, signing off from the other side~
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