Angelina Jolie Makes New Addition To Tattoo Collection

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Angelina Jolie is seen back from Cambodia Film Festival in Phnom Penh with a new forearm piece.

via Tony Clark /
via Tony Clark /

From what we can see, we believe that this is a Sak Yant Thai Temple tattoo. The Buddhist beliefs say that Sak Yant tattoos genuinely lend the people carrying them magical powers, bringing good luck or even protection from evil spirits.

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via Tony Clark /


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    Wouldn't surprise me if she got it done by the Great Master Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno who is the beloved guru of millions of devotees for his great purity and kindness.

    via Tony Clark /
    via Tony Clark /

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    That's it for now, we will let you know if we get any more details..



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