BJ Betts: King of Tattoo Lettering

BJ Betts is one of, (if not) the best lettering tattoo artists in the world. Take a look at his work and prepare to be impressed!
Tattoo lettering has become increasingly popular. Although it might not seem as complex as other styles, lettering actually takes a great deal of skill, practice, patience, and time to execute perfectly.
BJ's lettering is among the best in the business. He is widely recognized as an authoritative voice who has revolutionized script and tattoo lettering in many creative ways, including being an author of four guides on the subject - all of which are now top-selling industry standards.
If you know a thing or two about lettering, calligraphy, or script, we assume you'll already be following BJ on Instagram, if not - we suggest you do so!
BJ Betts, Scriptmaster
Prepare to be amazed and inspired by some of the best lettering and script the tattoo world has to offer...
'Anti-Hate' Tattoo by BJ Betts
B Tattoo by BJ Betts
by BJ Betts
Blessed Cursed Tattoo by BJ Betts
Beautiful chest piece done by BJ Betts
Family First Tattoo by BJ Betts
made by BJ Betts
"The Harder The Struggle The Greater The Triumph"
"Hawkins" on Tattooer Matt Skinny, made by BJ Betts
"Queen Moth"
'I Will Not Go Quietly' by BJ Betts
Knuckle Tattoo by BJ Betts
"Mind Over Matter" Tattoo by BJ Betts
OG Tattoo by BJ Betts
"The Good Times are Killing me"
Killer Stomach Tattoo by BJ Betts
"Think" by BJ Betts