Blast Over Tattoos Got Us Heading To Tattoo Shops

Blast Over Tattoos Got Us Heading To Tattoo Shops

Running out of space for tattoos but still thirsty as heck for ink? You might want to give blast over tattoos a good, hard look then!
by Alex Bage
If you're way too heavily tattooed and are losing touch with your past works but aren't really feeling the need to reignite it by getting your regular touch-up, then you better read on. We're not going to urge you to get it all covered up but it's something like that. Here's how you're going to save that tattoo spark and reunite with your love for ink without undergoing laser or totally letting go of a piece you once loved.
En Tattooer
Here's what we were talking about when we introduced blast over tattoos to you.
A blast over tattoo can be considered as a cover up tattoo but loses the point of a cover up in a practical point of view, yet enhances the progress work on your sleeve in terms of aesthetics. For one, it does cover up an existing layer of tattoo but it does not aim to cover up the work as a whole.
by Juanma
But aren't we defeating the purpose here? Exactly. That's what makes it beautiful. Tattoo-ception. Tattoo over tattoos. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea but it's a good alternative to blackening your whole arm up once you get sick of the riot in your sleeve. I personally see it as a beautiful form of entropy.
Since all tattoos tend to fade or lose their vibrance overtime, blast over tattoos can be done on pretty much any crowded tattoo space that haven't been tattooed for ages. Even parts where heavy blackwork has been done on can be tattooed over, especially with white ink.
En Tattooer
Blast over tattoos are often done in blackwork, usually over a colorful layer of old tattoos but some opt for bold, traditional American pieces over fading sleeves. The reason why people go with bold pieces is it works best with blast over. That's because most blast over tattoos require a lot of negative space and bold lines to really stand out.
Collab piece by Philip Yarnell and Todd Tattooer
Blast over tattoos aren't new, though. They're pretty much known around tattoo circles but they're not too big in the mainstream scene only because not too many people actually get tattooed so much that they need tattoos over their tattoos.
by Andrey
And like any tattoo, blast over tattoos can go wrong. The worst mistake you're going to make with blast overs is going to an inexperienced tattoo artist to get the job done. Another one is getting something that will be very difficult to discern through a certain layer of tattoo. This calls for an artist who has an eye for these kinds of stuff. Somebody who can actually tell you what works and what doesn't.
Davee of Swallows and Daggers Tattoo
Of all the tattoo artists I've come across who do blast over tattoos, I pick Philip Yarnell, Em Tattooer, and Zack Johnson to do mine if I ever run out of space. There are many others who can kick ass at blast overs for you so further research can be very helpful. No matter how many times you've gotten tattooed before, a tattoo is still a tattoo.
by vicmacgrill_tattooer/Instagram
All in all, blast over tattoos may be the next big thing and having said that, it may also be a disaster waiting to happen but that's what we're here for—giving you only the finest in the tattoo world.
Get blasting this 2016!
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