Cardale Jones New Lion Tattoo Is Badass!

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Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones took some time over the festive period to get some new ink, and it's awesome!!

Football star and quarterback Cardale Jones is rumored to be leaving the Ohio State Buckeyes in the near future after rising from obscurity to become one of the teams key players. Yet even with big decisions ahead of him Jones took some time over the festive period to go and get an awesome new tattoo.

Powerful Stuff!
Powerful Stuff!

Visiting tattoo artist Jimmy Hayden, at his Cleveland shop Focused Tattoo, Jones got himself a large royal looking lion tattooed on his upper left arm. Featuring a beautiful portrait of a lion wearing an ornate crown the tattoo has been quite the talking point with people speculating what it represents.

Jones New Tattoo
Jones New Tattoo

The Lion King has been tipped as one potential inspiration and so has Jones' desire to reach the top of the game. Others however read a little further into the image and noted the LeBron James 'Witness' shirt Jones' wearing in the picture, the lion has often been a mascot of LeBron's brand but would Jones really get a LeBron tribute tattoo?..who knows...

Is Jones' Tattoo A Possible LeBron Tribute??
Is Jones' Tattoo A Possible LeBron Tribute??

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What do you think of Jones' new king lion tattoo, powerful design or LeBron tribute?


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