Charles Bronson Gives Award-Winning Tattoo His Approval!

Charles Bronson Gives Award-Winning Tattoo His Approval!

Britain's most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson has expressed his approval of an award-winning portrait tattoo of himself!!
Arrested for armed robbery in 1974 Michael Gordon "Mickey" Peterson was sentenced to seven years in prison, though that sentence was doubled after he had a problem with another prisoner. Upon his release in 1988 he spent only 69 days in freedom before being arrested again. It was in this brief period of freedom that he gained the nickname Charles Bronson while working as a bare-knuckle fighter.
In his time in prison, Bronson has been named 'Britain's most notorious prisoner' as well as 'the most violent prisoner in Britain'. One of Britain's most high profile criminals Bronson has made a career as a prisoner and found fame because of it.
Charles Bronson
In 2008 his life was the subject of the film Bronson starring Tom Hardy as Bronson. The film remains a popular film today and was a breakout movie for Hardy. The performance given by Hardy is one of his best and has become a popular inspiration for some Bronson themed tattoos!!
Tattoo artist Matt Gardiner recently completed a black and grey Bronson portrait inspired by Hardy's performance. Gardiner's work won an award and the artist decided he'd share the image with the real Bronson.
Bronson Tattoo by Matt Gardiner
Sending a copy of the image to the Charles Salvador Foundation, a foundation set up to display the work of Charles Bronson, who recently changed his name to Charles Salvador. Gardiner wasn't expecting a response so he was a little shocked when Bronson wrote to him!!
Bronson's Letter Of Approval!!
Matt absolutely brilliant! A masterpiece! Make sure you send Tom a copy, he will like it. No wonder you won a national award. You’re as bloody star, Charles Salvador.”
“Once I finished the Bronson piece, I sent a picture of it to the Charles Salvador Foundation, who passed it on to Bronson himself and I’m super chuffed with the message.”
Artist Matt Gardiner
Gardiner who runs The End Of The Line studio in Treherbert received an award for his Bronson piece at the Halloween Tattoo Bash in Wolverhampton and was also awarded a runner up prize for his Goonies inspired portrait.
Tattoos by Matt Gardiner
An artist himself Bronson clearly knows when he sees good art and Gardiner's portrait is certainly that, though there are plenty of other awesome Bronson tattoos out there! Here's a few for you right now! Enjoy!!
Bronson Tattoo by Mark Reed
Bronson Tattoo by Ivan Bor
Bronson Tattoo by Cecil Porter
Bronson Tattoo by Juan Mellett
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