Cocktails, Kitties And Cupcakes: The Tattoos Of Roxy Ryder

UK tattoo artist Roxy Ryder does fruity, cute tattoos like no one else!
Roxy Ryder is tattoo apprentice at Alchemy Tattoo, Wigan, UK. Intense, bright colours, flawless shading and attention to detail make Roxy's loveable tattoos completely addictive.

She cleverly mixes different areas of imagery to create fruity, juicy, delicious hybrids - cute Hello Kitty combined with Halloween, or Adventure Time blended with cupcakes. Cocktails, kewpies, skulls... Roxy Ryder's tattoos include all of my favourite things!
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B-M-O Adventure Time cupcake tattoo by Roxy Ryder.
Cactus tattoo
Marceline Adventure Time cupcake tattoo
Vampire pig tattoo
Pineapple cocktail tattoo by Roxy Ryder.
Pineapple Hello Kitty tattoo
Frankenstein's monster's bride tattoo
Fruit kewpie tattoo flash
Darth Vader Hello Kitty
Twister ice lolly tattoo
Tattoo flash
Pizza UFO tattoo
Matching Hello Kitty skull tattoos
Hamburger Hello Kitty
Tattoo flash
Cute vampire cupcake tattoo by Roxy Ryder.