Creepy Makeup Transformations by Made Yew Look by Lex

Creepy Makeup Transformations by Made Yew Look by Lex

Halloween season may be over–much to our dismay–but to makeup artist Alexys Fleming aka Made Yew Look by Lex!
Makeup Transformations by Made Yew Look by Lex
If you loved the tattooed mom we featured before who kicked ass at makeup and body paint to create horrifying creatures with her face as canvass.
Crazy cat transformation
Alexys Fleming transformation work
Alexys Fleming or Made Yew Look by Lex has been going around YouTube armed with makeup and her sheer love for creatures of the dark since 2011. She now has a strong following of 1.8k million who are always kept on the edge of their seats for Lex's next face.
Sock monkey transformation
We didn't even know what to expect when she decided to turn herself into this creepy sock monkey!
Clown from American Horror Story transformation
Some of the most recognizable characters the 22-year-old had done were taken from popular horror films and TV shows like Jigsaw from the Saw movies and crowd favourites like Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story.
Awesome body paintings
Can't have Puddin' without Mistah J, now can we?
Awesome body transformation
But according to the self-taught makeup artist, she finds inspiration in just about anything really. We've seen her go from horror movie classics to something as an unlikely source of idea such as her type 1 diabetes. She's a chock full of surprises.
It's that bitch-ass demon from Insidious!
Crazy transformation
Panic at the Disco
I guess you also noticed that this one's pretty freaking surreal but if you haven't recognized it yet, you probably don't listen to Panic at the Disco.
Scary transformation
Wow, beautiful!
Lex is totally the sister you wish you had every time Halloween comes around.
Crazy Halloween transformation
Awesome body paintings
Fantastic horror transformation
Aside from her fantastic horror transformations, those who have been following her from the start love how she had improved greatly throughout the years. They look up to her for ideas, techniques, and inspiration.
Beautiful bloody Halloween transformation
Awesome make up
Lex uses her YouTube channel as a portal for her creativity and as a way to vent out to the world and express herself. She talks a lot about feeling like the “oddball” or an “alien” but she learned to embrace it even more now and isn't planning on letting go of what makes her stand out anytime soon!
Scary Halloween make up
Happy Halloween!! Crazy transformation by Lex
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