English Emblems: The Heraldic Tudor Rose Tattoo

English Emblems: The Heraldic Tudor Rose Tattoo

The symbol of the Tudor rose dates back to 1400 and has an interesting significance in English history - it also makes a beautiful tattoo!
In English history, The War of the Roses took place for thirty years, from 1455 - 1485. During that time, two branches of the same family (descendants from Edward III) fought for the English throne. These two groups were The House of York (whose symbol was a white rose) and The House of Lancaster (whose symbols was a red rose).

The War of the Roses ended when Henry Tudor, a Lancastrian, defeated King Richard III at The Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.

After the battle King Henry VIII (Henry Tudor) became King of England and Wales. He then married Elizabeth of York and this marriage represented the uniting of these two families, and so the Tudor rose was born.

Bringing together the symbol of the white Tudor rose (Yorkshire) and the Red tudor rose (Lancashire), this emblem signifies the end of struggle, triumph, love and peace.

Tudor rose tattoos are popular, especially in the UK and England. Roses and flowers are often used in heraldic flags and coats of arms, and they also make detailed, elegant and powerful tattoos.
Image credit: Wikipedia.
Delicate abstract rose by Aline Wata, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Photo from Instagram @alinewata
Tudor rose tattoo by Batch Tattoo (Batch Dojin), The Square Tattoo Studio, Solihull, Birmingham UK. Photo from Instagram @batchtattoo
Bright tudor rose by Ellis Arch Nala, Tamworth, UK. Photo from Instagram @ellisarchtattoo
Tudor rose tattoo by Emma Kerr, Bohemian Tattoo Arts, Tauranga. Photo credit Instagram @emmakerr.tattooart
Tudor rose tattoo by Fraser Peek, Ritual Art Tattoo, Kent, UK. Photo from Instagram @fraserpeektattoo
Tudor rose tattoo (on the left foot) by Jonathan McKenzie, London. Instagram @jonathan_mckenzie
Tudor rose tattoo by Kyle Joseph-Carpino, Washington, USA. Photo Instagram @kyletattoos
Tattoo from Instagram @leebankstattoo
Behind the ear tattoo taken from Instagram @mantra_tattoo, Cheltenham, UK.
Tudor rose tattoo by Olalla Tizón Baldrich. Photo Instagram @olallatizonbaldrich
Traditional rose by Richie Murray, Milwaukee, USA. Photo Instagram @richiemurry
Beautiful tudor rose by Arienette Ashman, Boss Black Tattoo Parlour, Bournemouth, UK. Photo Instagram @xsinkingshipsx
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