Footballer Shows Crazy Confidence With A Tattoo Of His Own Face!!

Argentinian footballer Andres D’Alessandro has made a bold statement with his new ink, it's a tattoo of his own face!!
Andres D’Alessandro is a well traveled football veteran, he's played in the top leagues in Argentina, Germany, England, Spain and now Brazil. Yet while the versatile midfielder never quite lived up to the promise he showed when picking up a gold medal at the 2004 Olympic games he's certainly made a name for himself with his latest tattoo. The Internacional stars latest ink is a tattoo of himself!
D’Alessandro Has Played In Some Of Footballs Biggest Leagues!
Football of course is a sport where the best players all hold some self-confidence or ego, after all footballers careers are based on form and how they play, so undeterred belief in their ability is a necessity. Although D’Alessandro's declaration of his self-assurance may be a little much.
Quite The Statement Tattoo!
Nicknamed 'El Cabezon' aka 'the Big Head', D’Alessandro is no stranger to some bold egoism but his self-portrait tattoo is by far the boldest yet.
Has D’Alessandro Started A Trend? Are Tattoos Of Yourself The Next Big Thing?
Wearing your own face on your stomach does seem a little odd, but each to their own. Would you consider getting a self-portrait tattoo or is it something only a self-assured footballer can pull off?