Get Your Body Electric On With These Lana Del Rey Tattoos

Get Your Body Electric On With These Lana Del Rey Tattoos

It's always summertime sadness with these hopelessly lovely Lana Del Rey tattoos that perfectly captured the Lolita singer.
Lana Del Rey with alternative model, Bradley Soileau in ‘Born to Die.’
Many of her fans see her as this modern day goddess straight out of a vintage film with James Dean. And like many pop singers, she's been accused of the same “she can't sing, she's had plastic surgery” stuff but it's really the least of our concerns because we really enjoy listening to her music. She's one of the poster girls of the “s a d  g i r l s” subculture, as characterised by her melancholic music and aesthetic tastes.
And who could forget her getting frisky with alternative tattoo model, Bradley Soileau in her music video for ‘Born to Die’? The chemistry was beautiful.
Lana del Rey's tattoos
Here are two of Lana's visible tattoos—with the one on her left hand causing buzz by being linked to Adele's although this was purely coincidental and the tattoos meant two different things for both singers.
Artist unknown.
A beautiful quote by playwright and novelist Oscar Wilde, adapted into a song lyric by Lana in ‘Gods and Monsters.’
Artist unknown.
Raiza Morgana/Instagram
A couple more Lana Del Rey song titles.
by Jaime Ames Navarro - Chicago
A beautiful graphite pencil-inspired, black and grey piece by Jaime Ames Navarro.
by Paul Acker
More hauntingly beautiful pieces like this by Paul Acker here.
by Nat G
A literally tasty-looking piece by Nat G, taken from the lyrics of Radio.
by Miguel Ameliach
by Bintt
by Ariel Galang
Lana in a neo traditional twist.
Electric Linda Tattoo
Sweet like Pepsi Cola.
by Kris Busching
by John Anderton
Captured every bit of Lana's Lolita persona.
by Nikko Hurtado
A Nikko Hurtado piece—eerily lifelike and almost flawless.
Stay beautiful.
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