Go Medieval With These Badass Flail Tattoos!

Weapons always make badass ink, and these flail tattoos are no exception!
The term flail actually refers to two different types of weapon, one being a two-handed weapon that was derived from an agricultural tool and the other being a smaller one-handed weapon, the flail most people are familiar with. What makes a flail a flail, and different from other similar weapons like the mace, is that the weapon consists of a wooden handle with a separate striking head attached by either a strap or chain. A fierce and violent looking weapon flails make a badass tattoo design.
Flail tattoos are more often than not tattooed in a bold traditional style and can be great for a filler tattoo. There is no real symbolic meaning for a flail tattoo, they basically just look badass and make some awesome ink. So embrace your inner warrior and enjoy these epic and striking flail tattoos!