Holiday Hairstyle Inspiration: Kylie Jenner's Metallic Hair Tattoo

Lacking of ideas for great holiday hairstyles? Look no further, Kylie Jenner might make your day with her cute metallic hair tattoo.
Kylie Jenner was spotted at her L.A. home chilling with her dogs while wearing a brilliant hair accessory. And yes, without any surprises, this will definitely turn out to be a huge holiday trend. Not to mention that Youtube is already filled with tutorial videos for hair tattoos inspired by Kylie Jenner.
Metallic hair tattoo/ Photo credits: Scünci
Metallic hair tattoo/ Photo credits: Scünci
The tattoos come in two shades, golden and silver. Perfect to add some extra sparkle to your holiday looks! Those metallic tattoos are actually the same body tattoos which created a huge buzz in the summertime.
Metallic hair tattoos
Applying hair tattoos works just like applying a temporary tattoo on your skin. It's quite easy but here is a tutorial video, just in case.