Hot Realistic Portrait Tattoos Of Famous Tattooed Beauties

What could be better than hot realistic portrait tattoos of famous tattooed beauties? Tattoos on tattoos, with the sexy touch...
TV Star Kat Von D by Erin Chance.
Female celebrities are often used as reference for portrait tattoos. But now that a lot of tattooed women are trending, you can see more and more amazing portraits of them! They are indeed famous singers and actresses, but also talented tattoo artists, TV stars and tattooed models... Who is your tattooed female crush? See if you can find her among these hot realistic portrait tattoos of famous tattooed beauties... And if not, send us your suggestions and tattoos!
Tattooed model and performer Cervena Fox by Dave Paulo.
Cervena again, by Thomas Carli Jarlier.
Tattoo artist Cleo Wattenström by Chuy Espinoza.
Tattoo artist Moni Marino by Benjamin Laukis.
Porn star Christy Mack by Jack Galan.
And by Nikko Hurtado.
Tattooed model Makani Terror as a zombie by Paul Acker.
Tattoo artist Megan Massacre by Nikko Hurtado.
Tattooed singer Rihanna by Samuel Potucek.