Kylie Jenner Gets New Red Hip Ink

Kylie Jenner adds a new hip tattoo and chooses a red ink again
So first she taunted her millions of followers with a skin tight black dress, exposing her nice and curvy body, captioning: "When in doubt.. Little black dress" ...
Kylie then showed how she worked the red ink once more, this time on her hip, the phonetic for “Sanity”, writing ’sa-na-të. She shared the pic on her Instagram account in a sexy pic in a tight tracksuit and again.. showing her curves.
Could this be her mysterious snapchat tattoo she posted a while ago?
Kylie's Mysterious Hip tattoo
Its goes great along side her little red inked heart on the back of her left arm!
Photo by Matt Baron
While we are on the Kylie subject, she recently launched a line of lip kits, "Lip Kit by Kylie", and her super fan Johnny Cyrus went overboard with it and inked the logo in his right arm!
Kylie's fan tweets about his ink!
Johnny Cyrus, new Lip Kit by Kylie tattoo
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