Learn About Leaves: 10 Different Leaf Tattoos

Learn About Leaves: 10 Different Leaf Tattoos

Do you know the difference between an ash leaf and an oak leaf? Learn about leaves with these 10 vivid leaf tattoos!
Nature tattoos are very popular - leaves and flowers can be the central point of a tattoo, but also used as outside details to add texture or background to other main imagery.

The infinite number of shapes and seasonal colours means that the possibilities are endless when it comes to leaf tattoos. I personally love them and have many myself!

Leaves can make for delicate, eye-catching tattoos (whether colour or simply black), but do you know your birch from your maple? Check out these 10 beautiful leaf tattoos and learn which leaf is which!
Elm leaf by Paul Clavé, Glasgow. Photo from Instagram @kingofbones
Oak tattoo by Mariñe Perez. Photo from Instagram @marineperez.
Willow leaf by Clara Welsh. Photo from Instagram @clarawelshtattoos.
Maple tattoos by Aso (麻緒), Studio Muscat, Tokyo. Photo from Instagram @studiomuscat.
Ash leaf by Chelsea Knight. Photo from Instagram @c.knight_tattoo.
Poplar leaf. Artist unknown, from Instagram @lizzierose3.
Holly leaf tattoo by Cassandra Bruni (Instagram @lapetiteink).
In progress lotus leaves by Sid Siamese (Instagram @sid_siamese).
Birch leaf with house detail inside, by Alec Bauer. Photo from Instagram @alecbauertattoo.
Fern tattoo by Anna Bravo (Instagram @anna_bravo_).
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