Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into Disney Princesses With Tragic Endings

Ever wondered how your favorite Disney princesses would have ended up if Happily Ever After never happened? This makeup artist shows us.
UK-based makeup artist Shonagh Scott is known around YouTube for her brilliant makeup tips and transformations. From removing lipstick stains quick and easy to sticking on a pair of sick-looking horns on your forehead—she's got you covered.
But her personal touch on the all-time crowd favorite, Disney princesses will always be one of our favorite works from her. We're macabre and Disney fans ourselves and seeing both in one only thrilled us. Shonagh portrayed the well-loved Disney icons brilliantly as she looked every bit tragically majestic with those doe eyes and nothing short of the bloody mess straight from a grisly, reimagined never-happy-ever-afters.
Snow White never knew true love's kiss when her life was cut short after making the fatal mistake of accepting a stranger's offer of fresh, free, and luscious apples.
The sea witch didn't want just the little mermaid's voice—she'll be taking her voice box too, just to be certain. Yikes.
Belle didn't learn enough from her father and when she gave into the temptation to pick a beautiful rose from the beast's garden, she was brutally attacked by the feared owner.
When the clock struck 12, Cinderella tripped and fell on her crystal shoes.
Anna is going to have to let it go after hearing news of her sister's tragic death involving icicles.
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