Post Pop Waves Of Aaron K. Kai

The tattoo artist Aaron K. Kai has taken wave designs into a totally new level!
The curves and waves have attracted him since high school where he used to draw waves and surf during his free time. That is pretty common for a Hawaiian kid. But now living in the Bay area, Kai’s waves have taken the internet by storm and infiltrated our pop culture.
Aaron K. Kai's Waves
Kai at work!
In a interview with The Creators Project he gave a glimpse into his process “It’s simple, starting with layouts of each wave in pencil and then I determine how they will fill the space. Once the curves are shaped within the waves, I paint starting with the lightest to darkest colours and finish with outlines.”
The artist Kehlani by Aaron K. Kai
An Eames chair with Kai's intervention
Marge Simpson by Aaron K. Kai
With the help of two of his tattoo artist friends Pemexs and Vanessa, he throws tattoo parties in LA and San Francisco, with a variety of his curvy signature designs and prices going from $80 to $120.
Kai's tattoo design on @tharahhh
Kai's tattoo design on @leahhchang
Some of Kai's tattoo designs
With his own style he reached mural in Pow Wow Hawaii and brands from Adidas to Ralph Lauren. If you liked his work and want to know more, don’t forget to follow him on his Instagram!
Kai in front of his work