Reality Star Calum Best Gets A Massive Tattoo

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Reality star Calum Best showed off the impressive tattoo progress on his torso this week, giving tattooed celebrities a new meaning.

Calum Best/Instagram
Calum Best/Instagram

You may recognise this blue-eyed crooner from shows like The Match and Celebrity Love Island where he may or may have not made your heart do the thing every time he does something

Calum Best/Instagram
Calum Best/Instagram


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    The 32-year-old took his latest ink addition to Instagram, initially posting a video of the ongoing session. If you watched the video, it's evident that Best's face is that of a man with no regrets.

    For his major torso piece, the reality star wanted a ‘geometric/mandala aura,’ referencing travels to Tibet, India, and the Himalayas as inspirations for the large piece.

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    Calum Best/Instagram
    Calum Best/Instagram

    “Just a taster as super swollen and just outline . But god damn I'm happy with this thank u @jondix,” he captions the Instagram post.

    Best also revealed that he was on a three-month waiting list for Jondix, a tattoo artist known for his brilliant geometric designs.

    Calum Best/Instagram
    Calum Best/Instagram

    The actor/model seemed to be loving his torso piece, gushing about it on his social media account a number of times since having it done recently. Well, it's nice to see the stars actually lining up for the best of the best in inkland even just this once!

    You may check out the rest of Jondix's works here.



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